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Papers will be presented in Working Groups (WGs), Thematically-Focused Panels (TFPs) and Cross-Thematic Sessions (CTSs). A WG, TFP or CTS session is 90 or 120 minutes long and, normally, three or four papers are presented in each session with approximately 30 minutes allocated to each paper.

Usually, presenters use about 15 minutes for presentation and thus their papers are discussed for about 15 minutes. Please note that if a presenter uses all of his or her 30 minutes to 'read out' the paper, the chair of session moves on to the next paper without any discussion.

Presenters will be provided with laptops and projectors for PowerPoint presentations. Any other special arrangements for presentation must be conveyed to the conference secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least three weeks before the conference.